Elena applies for a Nanny job, but the interviewer has to make sure she’s going to take care of his little man and not have boys over to fool around with. The only way to make sure she doesn’t is for him control her mind- and her orgasms.

Elena comes to work the next day, taking off her clothes and folding them in a neat pile. Now she’s ready to masturbate so she isn’t horny anymore, but the problem is, she is REALLY horny. Her master comes in to tell her he’s going to have to control her orgasms, using a hitachi to do so. Then it’s time for her to take care of him.

Slut training Elena comes into the master bedroom to masturbate. Unable to cum, she needs her master to make her orgasm. After he finally gives her the orgasm she’s been needing, he explains today is going to be a little different for them, and it’s time for her to worship his cock.

In this vídeo the girl masturbates herself under the influence os his employer. She is taken even deeper in her trance, when the man starts masturbating her again with a vibrator, while she repeats her mantras. After finishing, she is ordered to give him a blowjob. The next day, she is instructed to come back and to go straight to the man´s beedroom, where she is forced to masturbate again (with the vibrator) and finally fucked by the man in 2 different position (missionary and sideways).

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