Brad doesn’t care much for his Step-Mother, a gold digging bitch that goes out every night that his dad isn’t home and spends the families money like water. But one night as she gets home after a night of partying and doing who knows what Brad offers her a gift to bury the hatchet and let them start over. He even calls her “mom”

Step-mother Savannah is surprised and a little unsure but being called “mom” wins her over and she accepts the special scented candle, staring into the flames, breathing in its unique fragrance…

Action: The scented candle puts her into a trance, and he begins issuing instructions. She calls him “Master” and promises to give him cash. Then he orders her to suck his cock until he comes in her mouth. He has her masturbate. After she climaxes, he instructs her to be naked whenever they are home alone, and if he ever says, “I’m bored” then she will masturbate for his amusement. Afterwards, he gives her more lifestyle instructions to make her his personal slave. He says he wants to fuck her and when he objects, back into trance she goes. While he pounds her, he gives her a mantra, “I’m a gold digging slut who loves cock” to chant. He puts her in a range of positions and then has her finish off with a noisy blowjob so he can finish in her mouth.

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