Alexis is a total bitch to her husband. She only married him for his money, and now she won’t let him touch her. She won’t even let him kiss her cheek on his way off to work. She shows no affection, runs up the credit card bills, doesn’t lift a finger to take care of the house, and just acts like an all-around trophy wife bitch. Her husband has been working 14 hour days on a big project for behavior modification, and all he wants is a loving wife. She has everything she could ever want, so why shouldn’t he? He decides to bring his work home with him and make her into a perfectly obedient housewife to follow his every command. He has her jump up and down, strip, crawl on the floor, give him a blowjob, wear sexy lingerie, masturbate and dance before fucking her doggy style and missionary, finishing on her chest.

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