Primal Fetish - Black Adams Vengeance - The Fall of Supergirl & Green Lantern

A year ago Super Girl faced Black Adam, the superheroine was all but defeated when Green Lantern joined the fight and took Black Adam down. now Black Adam has escaped super-prison and GL is on his trail, confident she can take him down again. This time things don’t go GL’s way and she is stripped of her ring and doesn’t have enough strength of will to pull it from BA’s grasp.GL is forced to cum over and over, her will getting weaker and weaker, fear of losing her powers growing stronger and stronger as her connection to her ring begins to fade She is afraid to just be Lynn Vega again, and no longer be a might Green Lantern. Even her costume disappears when her bond with the energy ring is finally broken. Black Adam decided after the last fight to get a lantern on his team as well and his Friend Sinestro helped with this plan. Will Lynn take the yellow lantern ring? Black Adam has taken the Governor and issues a challenge to Super Girl to face him alone. SG is confident that she has grown stronger since the last fight and shows up ready for battle. SG seems to have the upper hand, until she is attacked from behind. Green Lantern is now Yellow Lantern and as SG’s fear of suddenly having her greatest ally turn against her Lynn’s Yellow Lantern power grows. SG is defeated and taken prisoner. Black Adam wants a little one on on one payback and the weakened SG is chained up and BA uses a kryptonite plated wand to make her cum more times than she can take, until she pleads for mercy, which she only gets when she submits to getting on her knees and sucking Black Adam’s evil dick. Now Yellow Lantern takes a turn alone with her former friend, and SG is too full of fear to resist as YL uses and violates her. Finally BA and YL team up and have their way with Super Girl, using her as a sex toy until her will is totally broken. Now SG is turned to the side of evil and will happily work with Black Adam to capture other superheroines and destroy any superheros that oppose them.

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