Primal Fetish – Jenna Jay – I Hate You

Jenna Jay is a dirty, dumb slut, with a filthy mouth. She gets caught with photos of her cheating on her boyfriend, and is quickly blackmailed into showing her tight little body. She pretends to not want a big, fat penis in her mouth, but the way her doe eyes look up at her boy as she puts his cock in her mouth suggests otherwise. We are treated to a beautiful cock sucking scene by a little slut that can’t get enough dick. By the time she squeezes the cum out of her new cock, she looks like she’d want nothing else in the world. In the scene Jenna gets naked, pretends to hate what she’s doing, but happily bobs up and down on a dick until she gets a mouthful of hot, creamy cum.

This slutty bitch has been cheating on my best friend! She thinks she’s so perfect that actually tries to blame me when I show her the proof on my phone of her being a cheating whore. Even with my dick in her mouth, she still tries to play it off like she’s better than me. I keep to our agreement and delete the original photos of her being a cheating slut. But I never agreed to delete the ones I took while she was sucking my cock.

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