Chanel, Melissa and Veruca have taken control of Mr. Master’s company in a hostile take over. And they plan to force him out and take pleasure doing it. Mr Master’s just asks for a chance to show them what he has been working on in Research and Development…

Instantly entranced by Mr. Master’s new invention, he decides to give them an attitude adjustment, compelling them to obey his suggestions and commands. He has them masturbate to blow off steam and then vote on dress code etiquete: from now on they’ll attend meetings nude or wearing whatever he tells them to wear. They strip naked and parade around the board room naked for him. Blowjobs are the next order of business, they get on their knees and blow him until he cums in Melissa’s mouth and agree that from now on pre-meeting blowjobs are a great idea. It’s been a productive day, to end the meeting he has them get up on the table and fucks each one by one as the others masturbate ending in a group facial.

The next meeting Chanel, Melissa and Veruca arrive wearing lingerie and masturbate eagerly waiting to fuck Mr. Master

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