Primal Fetish – Melissa Lynn – Step-Mom Behaviour Modification

Rion’s Step-mom is a total bitch to him. He knows she is out to get his inheritance and that is the only reason she married his dad. One morning Rion Helps her take a nap and installs a Behaviour Modification Chip

After he installs her chip, he see’s her working out, and he take control, saying Robot, making her a robot. He has her perform some tasks, then has her get on her knees and blow him. Next day, he has her cleaning in a maid uniform. This time her turns her into doll mode and begins to play with her still body. He then pumps his cock into her mouth, then bends her over and fucks her from behind. He has her ride him reverse cowgirl, and then pops on her face. He finishes off with some programing her to accept him.

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