Primal Fetish – Raven Hart & Cali Carter – Relationship Counseling

Melissa (Raven Hart) and her husband are seeing Jocelyn (Cali Carter) for some much-needed relationship counseling. He wants physical affection, but she doesn’t want to be treated like a sex object. He starts to feel like the counselor is taking her side, but enough is enough when the two ladies laugh at his genius creations. The app he’s made is revolutionary and nothing to be scoffed at. He decides to put it to use. Jocelyn is programmed to agree with anything and everything he suggests. While Melissa may not agree with her husband at first, she does agree with the trustworthy guidance of their counselor. He easily turns the two uptight women into obedient little sluts both in the office and back at home. The relationship between the girls and their master couldn’t be healthier; they’ll never need relationship counseling again

In this scence raven and Cali carter roleplay being mind controled into masterbating, stripping naked, posing sexingly, perforing a double blowjob, dressing in fetish gear and having sex in various positions, including missionary cowgirl facesitting and doggy

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