Primal Fetish – The Magician – Paris Sativa

Mister Master shows up as the Magician at Paris’s home early to set for his magic show. He then puts her under and has her strip, masterbate, give him a blowjob and happily give him her number, promising to break up with her BF after the show.

Scene starts out with her answering the door and inviting him in. She gets him a drink, and they start to talk about the show. Eventually, he hypnotizes her using a swinging watch, and has her stand up with her arms held high while he feels her body all over, then has her bend over to feel her sexy ass. He puts her to sleep again, and has her stand up and remove her skirt. He wakes her up and she wonders how her skirt was down. He puts her to sleep again, the has her stand, remove her clothes and call her friend telling her she must come to the show. After that, he puts her under and has her put her number in the phone because she really wants to see him again. He then puts her back to sleep.

He wakes her up and they discuss fee’s and has her agree to a larger amount. Again, she is put to sleep, and he has her remove her panties and masterbate while under trance. He swings the watch again telling her that when she wakes up, she will masterbat again. While she is masterbating, he has her feel the need to suck his cock, so she does. While she is doing this, he has her wake up, and she is confused when she does and wonders if she has been drinking. He has her obey, then tells her she loves to suck his cock and she continues.

He cums in her mouth, then has her sleep again while he gives her more commands and when she wakes up she will get dressed, but think she is really drunk. She will no longer wear underwear. When she is dressed again, he has her sleep, while he gives her more commands. This time when she awakes, she will feel that she is really excited and can’t wait for the party, and when he asks her “what her plans are” she will go into trance and tell him that she is going to break up with her boyfriend.

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