Primal Fetish – Violet October – The Contract

New employee is in the bosses office signing up for a training session and must sign the contract before she can proceed. Once the contract has been signed, he takes out a collar which is part of her new uniform that she has to wear to complete the training. She gets very upset and tries to leave, but finds she is unable to as when she touches the door handle, she gets shocked. According to the contract, she must do whatever he says. He begins by giving her orders and having him come over to him and strip off her clothes. She does so, all the while saying she does not want to do this.

Once she is naked, he has her give him a blowjob. At first she does not want to do it, but he snaps his finger and says she will act like she loves it and suddenly she is giving a proper blowjob. After she is done, he has her clean up and get into her uniform.

When she returns, he bends her over the desk and begins to spank her once for every second she made him wait. After that, he begins to fuck her on the desk, then moving to the couch where she rides him instead. This progresses to girl on top misionary, then him fucking her missionary to completion on her face and chest.

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