PrimalFetish – Athena Rayne – The Contract

Athena is ready to make her mark and represent women in the corporate world. She excited to get an intership at a prestigious company and eagerly signs the contract presented her. Then her new boss Mr Daemon explains the types of special duties she will be performing for their exclusive clients.

Athena is interviewing for a job. When he explains the terms and what she should do, she disagrees and leaves. But she can’t because he has some “magical” control that doesn’t let her go. Because of this magic, she has to comply to what he wants when he snaps his fingers. She is annoyed when he orders her around but when the fingers snap she suddenly becomes obedient. She’s ordered to take off her clothes, kneel on the floor, then crawl to him. She sucks his cock until he comes in her mouth, but she doesn’t swallow and let the cum drop on the floor. He tells her to lick it off (the cum licking is brief, cut to the next scene).
The next day she has become a good girl. Wearing cuffs and collar, she brings him the papers. He’s not satisfied cuz she doesn’t do it fast enough. She’s told to bend over the table and gets spanked. Then she sucks his cock and fucked in doggy and missionary position. There is Master/slave talk, a bit choking, hair pulling. He releases a big load on her face.

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