2 girls are in detention and the teacher is there to teach them a lesson. He loads up a program on his laptop and has them watch it. Slowly they go under and when they are under trance, he begins to give them commands, one of which is to forget the video they watched.

He then decides that they need some punishment. Since they don’t care about what they are wearing, he puts them in trance, and has them strip. As they are stripping he has them chant, “we are you obedient little sluts”

When they are naked, and sitting back down, he then has them masterbate chanting “Yes Master, we are your horny little sluts”

He then has them lean over the desk while he spanks them with them chanting, “Punish us Master, we are bad little girls”

Then he fucks them both, while they chant, “we are your little schoolgirl sluts, we need a hard fuck”

He finishes off with a dual blowjob

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