PrimalFetish – Nadya Nabakova – Training the Nurse (19.2.2018)

Scene 1: Nurse Nadya comes in to take care of one of her most needy patients. Fortunately it is his last day befroe being discharged. He always flirts and makes inapporpriate comments and this time is no different as he asks for a sponge bath. Nurse Nadya professionally refuses but does sit down when he asks her too. The patient wants to show his appreciation and has a gift for her. Nurse Nadya loves the way the necklace sparkles “yes masters, I am your obedient slut slave…”

Scene 2: Nurse Nadya’s favorite patient has been admitted for another week after speaking privately with the doctor. Just like she is supposed to Nurse Nadya removes her scrubs to keep them from getting wet as she gives her patient a sponge bath and then uses lotion on his cock to help him with his very arousing erection. This time the patient asks if Nadya would use her mouth to make him more comfortable, but Nurse Nadya refuses, at first – “yes master, I am your obedient slut slave…”

Scene 3: Nurse Nadya’s patient’s stay has been extended for yet another week, she strips and prepares for his sponge bath and oral comforting but this time the patient wants to save the sponge bath for after Nurse Nadya makes herself cum until her pussy is soaking wet and then rides him. Of course Nurse Nadya would never do that…”Yes master, I am your obedient slut slave…”

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