Bridgette B is Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons in this mind controlled bondage sex scene featuring choking, slapping, blowjob, doggy, multiple facials and more

Hippolyta is walking down the path to the sacred fountain. She is attacked by an assassin

Fight Scene.

Eventually Vandal Savage steps in. He uses his stolen staff to defeat her.


Hippolyta wakes up, hand bound in front of her, feet tied together, on her knees
Hippolyta(groggy): Savage! You villain! What are you doing on Themyscira?
Savage: Why, I have come to rule the Amazons!
HIPPOLYTA: Rule the Amazons?! Even if you me the Amazons would never submit to any mans rule.
HIPPOLYTA: Much less a vile cursed villain like you
SAVAGE(Touching the mark on his face): Yes, of course they wouldn’t, but they won’t even know I am here.
SAVAGE: I simply need you to pass my commands to your Amazons. They will willingly obey their Great queen
HIPPOLYTA: You think I will obey you! The centuries have made you mad
SAVAGE: They likely have, but that doesn’t change this truth.
SAVAGE: I have recovered the Staff of Osiris. It once had the power to command nations. But that was millennia ago
SAVAGE: But, it should be strong enough to command one amazon queen. And you will turn your Amazons from the Greek Gods to build temples to Osiris
SAVAGE: Then, Osiris will once again bless this staff with all his power, and I will enslave all of your Amazons.
SAVAGE: Never is a long time, I should know. But, still the staff won’t have the power to break a will as strong as yours quit yet

Ninja Steps up and fastens a rope to the binding on her wrist

HIPPOLYTA: What? What are you doing?!

Ninja hoists her arms over her head, forcing her to her feet

SAVAGE: Well, I have once more taken control of the League of Assassins, and this particular disciple is a master at…breaking the will of his targets…

Ninja Gags Hippolyta

SAVAGE: Wouldn’t want your screams to alert your warriors would we?

Flogging Scene

Savage attempts to use staff, Hipp resists

Forced O with Oil, Gag removed half way through

Savage again attempts and fails

Bondage sex between Hipp & Ninja. Cums in her mouth.

Savage Succeeds in using the staff. Controlling her now in Sexier outfit Hipp, Mind Control Dance, MC Masturbate MC BJ- in and out of control, finally fucking her and cumming on her face

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