Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Nightwing & Batwoman – Enslaved Sluts to the Mindflayer

Alex Coal & Cherie Deville

Scene 1: Hoping to prove she’s her own superheroine, newly independent Nightwing (previously Robin) tracks the evil magician Mindflayer to his lair. Using his ‘sluttification’ spell, Mindflayer turns the tables and changes Nightwing into his obedient, cock-sucking slave. The scene culminates in a video broadcast of Nightwing extoling her new slut identity, and asking Batwoman to join them.

Scene 2: Batwoman comes to save Nightwing, but is tricked by the corrupted Nightwing. Under the power of Mindflayer, Batwoman succumbs to his sluttification magic, and joins Nightwing in sucking Mindflayer’s cock. They indulge in a threesome before pledging their obedience to Mindflayer.

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