Primals Darkside Superheroine – Purity Falls To The Dance Of The Seven Veils

Purity is an unbeatable superheroine. Her pure heart and untainted soul give her an aura of invincibility and the power to disarm and disable any enemy. She faces off against a genetically altered Doom Trooper and she easily defeats the super soldier without breaking a sweat.

Now she has the mercenary behind special alloyed bars that even super-strength can bend. She compels the villain to give up the information about who hired him which leads her directly to the elusive Seductress. Purity is supremely confident, but even as she struts forward to take the Seductress into custody she finds her hand reaching out to touch the gorgeous gang leaders raven hair. She makes it a disdainful gesture, but the scene has been set. Seductress mocks her, telling her she isn’t so pure if she is going to use force on someone that has no super strength or invulnerability. She issues a challenge. If Purity can resist kissing her, the Seductress will come quietly. all ready the swaying hips and soft voice of her enemy has Purity off balance and before she can say anything the Seductress begins the Dance of the Seven Veils.

With each veil she takes off the Seductress has Purity more in her power, binding her body with the veils as she dances and finally taking off the 7th veil to expose her perfect lips. Purity kisses her and the Seductress has her completely

An endless night of forbidden pleasures ensues and Purity ends up feinting in the Seductress’s embrace with her eyes rolling up and mouth open from her last orgasmic moan. In the morning Purity awakes to find a huge dildo inside her pussy and flashes of confused memories of her total loss of control she doesn’t remember everything that happened after she first feinted but she realizes that she must have giving in to every desire imaginable as she feels as if every inch of her body has been used for sexual debauchery,

In shame and still weak she manages to put back on her pure white uniform and trying to forget about what she just did she rushes away in fear that the Seductress will return and she will not be able to resist.

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