Batgirl, Zatanna & Wonder Woman have all three opened an investigation pertaining to the disappearance of several attractive young girls. As our clip begins, the Ladies enter into a room and encounter someone claiming to be Dionysus, the God of Darkedness.

Wonder Woman guess the name of their new villain, Dionysus, as he confirms his identity, in addition to addressing the things his name is associated. Dionysus waist no time, as he casts a spell on them all, and with a wave of his hand, he makes the the superheroines feel the effect of his godly powers one by one. The Ladies are immediately stunned, and try to fight the affects, as the eventually end of submitting to the spell, as he snaps his fingers, and the Ladies begin dancing with each other very seductively.

After a little dancing and petting, Batgirl & Zatanna kiss, which immediately has Wonder Woman close in and join in on the kissing, as all three Ladies exchange multiple kisses between each other.

The scene transitions to all three Ladies on a bed, questioning yet again as to what they are all experiencing with each other, as the continue fondling and kissing one another.

With Wonder Woman in the middle, both Batgirl & Zatanna begin rubbing the insides of Wonder Woman’s thighs, and eventually Wonder Woman returns the favor by placing a hand right in between each of the other girls legs, and rubs intensely.

The scene then transitions to Wonder Woman on her back with her legs spread, and while Zatanna focuses on her tits, Batgirl has made her way between Wonder Woman’s legs, and has removed enough clothes to begin eating her pussy.

Wonder Woman comments to Zatanna that she should get Batgirl back for making her orgasm, so the scene cuts to Zatanna on her back in a 69 position with Batgirl rubbing her pussy up and down on Zatanna’s tongue while Wonder Woman tongues Batgirl’s asshole. Zatanna & Wonder Woman don’t stop the assault on Batgirl until she orgasms.

In the next scene, Zatanna is on her back with Batgirl and Wonder Woman’s faces both lapping at Zatanna’s pussy, and driving her crazy until Zatanna orgasms on Batgirl’s face.

The Ladies then form up in the shape of a triangle, as each face is firmly placed between another girls legs and deep inside of a pussy, as they continue to orally satisfy the one in which they are tonging.

Our Final Scene has Zatanna riding Batgirl’s face, while Wonder Woman’s face is between Batgirl’s legs. All three Ladies moan in harmony as they are all three equally working towards one final orgasm. Once they achieve their final orgasm, the scene cuts to a few final kisses, as they cuddle up with each other and continue to rub each other, as Dionysus enters the scene, they have a sudden need to iterate that they wish to suck his cock, as the clip ends before any further acts are committed.

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