Volt and Wonder Babe are discussing a new super villain that has been taking heroes down all around town. Wonder Babe’s shy assistant comes in to tell her it is time for her massage.

In the spa room Wonder Babe has her assistant turn around so she can strip and get on the massage table. While she is laying there her assistant sprays a mysterious glowing green mist on herself like it’s perfume and them massages Wonder Babe in to total relaxation, even letting her assistant remove her bottoms which she never does.

On the assistant sees that Wonder Babe is totally relaxed, and totally vulnerable, she pulls out a hyperdermic and SLAM, Wonder Babe feels a sharp Pinch on her butt and then her eyes flutter and she goes utterly limp

Volt finally comes in to see what is taking so long, and the assistant, now in a black leotard and fishnets gets the drop on him, planting a kiss on him with chemical covered lips that make him quit obedient. She gives him instructions for their impending encounter, , and as Wonder Babe starts to stir she has him use his taser touch to put her right back out.

Later Wonder Babe, who doesn’t remember anything but falling asleep during her massage, charges into the Enchantress’s lair with Volt right behind her. The Amazon orders Volt to stun the villainess with his shock ray power and the Enchantress is subdued. As Wonder Babe moves in Enchantress is able to shout out the activation phrase and Volt pushes Wonder Babe’s head down onto Enchantress’s “perfume” covered breasts

Now Wonder Babe is under the Enchantress’s spell and uses her mouth to pleasure the villainess before being ordered to lay back and enjoy some illicit attention herself. Volt remains standing on the side in a trance, which he slowly seems to be coming out of

Enchantress has made a gross miscalculation in her plans, as Wonder Babe gets aroused and reaches orgasm her super strong legs clamp down on the villainess’s head, holding her there in a crushing vice as she pumps and grinds her hips, hungry for more pleasure.

Enchantress is squeezed till her lights go out just as Volt finally shakes off the effects of the trance. He quickly moves in to help his partner, but as Wonder Babe also begins to come around he gets a different idea

Volt is a little tired of being treated like a sidekick instead of a partner. tired of Wonder Babe ignoring his ideas. And tired of how she flaunts her body in subtle ways around him

Volt K0’s Wonder Babe with his taser touch and gets a good feel of her and the Enchantress’s assets before putting them over his shoulder and carrying them out of the room one at a time. He has some plans to have just a little fun because this time VOLT WINS

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