Primals Darkside Superheroine – Wonder Woman Meets The Seductress

Maggie wishes she was as beautiful as Diana. She watches how all the macho agents flirt with her and she has them eating out of the palm of her hand. MAGGIE (SOUNDING WISTFUL)Wow Diana, you’re so beautiful, that’s why you get all the hunky guys

DIANA (A LITTLE CONDESCENDING) Oh, Maggie, it has to do with being confident, and just seeing yourself as beautiful

MAGGIE You really think so? I can be as beautiful as you if I just see myself that way?

DIANA(Smirking a little) Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but you could be “pretty”

Fade out

Maggie is home talking to herself. She is packing up her Great Grandmothers possessions in a storage unit. She finds an old mirror.

MAGGIE Just see myself as beautiful, yeah right

Special effects. Transformation into seductress. Lots of touching self. Then calls Diana’s date. Her voice now very seductive.

Markus Arrives and is stunned by Maggies new Appearance, he tries weekly to resist her but she has her way with him

DIANA I can’t believe he isn’t here. Something must be wrong, very wrong. NO one would stand me up. I am going to use my contacts as Wonder Woman and track his phone.Fade out.

Diana storms in and Finds her date

DIANA (CONTD)he looks dehydrated, almost like he has been exhausted to . I have to get him out of here.

Diana Spins and becomes wonder woman, the seductress see this.

SEDUCTRESS Well, Well. “See yourself as beautiful” Ha, no wonder you get all the men

WUNDER WOMAN Who are you” what are talking about?

SEDUCTRESS What? You don’t recognize your poor pathetic loser friend Maggie?

WUNDER WOMAN Maggie? How? What?

SEDUCTRESS I took your advice and just “saw myself as beautiful”

WUNDER WOMAN Why is my date here? What happened?

SEDUCTRESS Well I lured him over and FUCKED his brains out. I think literally, he’s in a coma. (Laughs)He won’t be the last either. I am going to get revenge on all the men that spurned me.

WUNDER WOMAN I can’t let you do that. You need help. Come with me I am taking you both to the hospital.

SEDUCTRESS(moving up seductively) oh, there won’t be any stopping me.

Seductress dances very seductively, long time, seducing wonder woman . Wonder woman looks confused and aroused WUNDER WOMAN What, what’s happening, I feel, warm, and nervous

SEDUCTRESS(Caressing ww pussy.) Oh, feeling warm are you?

Now gg seen, lots of kissing, very sensual, keep costumes on. At the end ww is a mindless slave. Seductress has her call her her mistress and makes plans to use WW to become the next crime lord of the city.

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