Jillian’s is over her friends house about to go outside and tan when she sees her friend’s brother, Rion, is still playing video games since earlier. She starts to berate him, saying he’s a loser and all he does is play video games all day. When she suggests he go outside and hang out with her and the girls, she starts to tease him saying he’s scared of pussy.

Jillian’s nagging and belittling starts to really annoy Rion, so he decides to try out this new “cheat code” that unlocks bonus games. Only, the bonus game applies to real life. When he it actually works, Jillian becomes his new favorite game to play, and she won’t be talking to him anymore.

In the first part Jillian is forced to kneel and give Rion a blow job ending in facial.

In the second part Jillian is forced to strip and then Rion processes to eat her out and fuck her in various positions

Sexual acts include blowjob, strip tease, facial, pussy eating, missionary, doggy, cowgirl and ending with cum in mouth.

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