Primals Fantasies – Mean Girls

Nadya and Jericha show up late to work on their project with Rion. They continue to treat him like a loser, and put him down saying he can just do the project themselves. Tricking them into taking their phone number’s, Rion opens the app on his phone that he made that has mind control. Now, he’s going to treat them the way they deserve and use them the way they want to use him

Our hero awaits for the arrival of his study partners. When they arrive, he puts them in a trance and has them strip while he takes video of them doing so. He then has them both get on their knees and blow him. He then has them make out with each other and share his load after he blows in the brunettes mouth.

Next day is at home and he again puts them under trance and they blow him again to prove who gives the better blowjob. Shortly after, he has them in trance explaining they want to show him who has the better pussy. They strip naked and begin to take turns fucking him reverse cowgirl. He trances them and explains that when they wake up, they both have a crush on him and are desperate to fuck him and he will make them cum like crazy. While he fucks one, the other makes out with him, then they switch and he fucks the second girl doggy style. More switching around fucking doggy, missionary and then coming on their faces.

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