Primals FANTASIES – Olivia Austin – Ultimate Bitch Boss Training

Olivia is the biggest bitch in the company. She uses her looks and her position to dominate everyone around her. Until she messes with the wrong employee. Olivia is sitting at her boss’s desk with her high heels propped up on his desk. He comes in and demands that she remove herself from his office. She very bitchily informs him that this is a corporate takeover and she is his boss now, and he is now demoted. He finds a way to mesmerize her with a shiny necklace. and make her comply. She ends up in her lingerie and repeats, “Yes, Master. I’m a conceited slut and I love to show off my body.” Olivia ends up on his desk as she masturbates and fucks herself with a dildo.
Later that day, Olivia walks into her recently demoted employee’s office and demands to know what he is looking at. She rips off her dress and shows him exactly what she thinks what he wants to see. She starts talking down to him when he shows her the same shiny necklace, putting her into another trance. He has her give him a lap dance and to show him how sexy she is and why he will never get her job. He ends up making her cum with a vibrator, as she repeats, “Yes, Master. I’m a submissive slut and I will only cum for my Master.” But he’s not done yet. He knows she sucked some dicks to climb up the corporate ladder. Now it’s time for her to suck his, repeating, “Yes, Master. I’m a horny cum-slut who needs her Master’s cum.” He commands her to leave his office, get cleaned up and come back.
Once again, Olivia storms back into his office enraged about the rumors of her being a slut. He snaps his fingers putting her into another trance, and instructs her to go and bend over the desk. He fucks her as she repeats, “Yes, Master. I’m conceited slut and I need a hard fuck.” He finishes by cumming on the cum-slut’s face.
Now Olivia is completely submissive to her Master as she bring her Master a drink in her lingerie, thigh highs and black heels. He has is way with her again as she gets on her knees, sucks his dick and lets him fuck her. He finishes in her mouth and swallow it like a good little submissive cum-slut.

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