Primal’s ROBO KINK – Jasmine Full Training Session

Jasmine’s Initial Conditioning – We meet Jasmine and use accupoint techniques to put her in a state to receive programming. We look over her prone body, her feet and then have her obediently strip.

Part 1 Jasmine’s Orgasmic Feet Induced Dripping Climax- We program Jasmine to experience strong orgasms from her feet being touched. First we stimulate her feet and then she rubs them together for pleasure. Then, she is made ot have a very powerful climax just from a touch above her pussy. This is very intense and the camera shows her wetness increasing until she is pouring wetness as she has her powerful orgasms.

Part 2 Jasmine’s Desperate Oral Compulsion – Jasmine is programmed with a strong oral compulsion. At first she seems a little embarrassed at her need to suck when there is penis inches from her face but The pure happiness you can see as she gives in to it shows how ingrained the compulsion is, and the joy she has when her mouth becomes full of cum is as sincere as anything she has ever felt

Naughty Little Girl Next Door Parts 1 & 2

Part 1 When I think about you – Jasmine believes she is my assistants young next door neighbor on whom she has a strong sexual crush. She believes she has snuck into his room to seduce him and show him how she touches herself when she thinks about him

Part 2 Think I could have that inside me? – Jasmine sees the erection she has given her “crush” and sweetly asks if she can have it inside her. She takes a good fucking, ans is so happy to be getting what she has fantasized about. She is glowing when her “crush” cums all over her. However when we make jasmine forget how all this has happened she is at first confused and then starts getting very agitated until we put her back under

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