Primals Transformations – Transformation Ritual & Sacrifice feat. Alix Lynx, Sarah Brooke & Victoria Ryan

The man is helpless and shackled to the floor. The young women enter chanting and take their places around him. One lowers herself down on the man’s mouth, which is compelled to lick and please her. The other woman lowers herself on to his entranced cock. They continue to chant as the women take their pleasure from the helpless man. Each time they orgasm the transformation progresses, more of the inner-beast being released.

The transformation is complete and the man is almost drained of all life. The leader of the women now chants over her pets which now grow huge throbbing cocks which they use to to fill their mistresses mouth and pussy. They do all this on top of the helpless man. When they have finished their unnatural savage sex the mistress leads her pets out of the room.

The Mistress returns with her pets to finish the man, once she has drained the last of his energy she tells the man she is going to let her pets feed.

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  • when you can upload this video, every day I see your website but you make the audience disappointed…
    please upload videos steve steele

    • Fetishman 1 year ago

      Steve Steel videos would be uploaded pretty soon , We have two new ones on our schedule.