Primal’s Women Entranced – Jade Jantzen Full Training Session

Jade is a college student that answered out ad to help with a study about the thought patterns of girl under 25.

PART ONE INITIAL CONDITIONING – Because we are going to be giving the newest member of the team, Mitchel, his chance to have Jade totally programmed and to practice his training technique, we take a good amount of time reinforcing Jade’s initial conditioning. We change her from “Awake” “Trance” and “Rest” multiple times while also exploring her body a bit and getting her to remove clothing while in trance and not being aware of her naked state. We get Jade very deeply programmed

PART 2 Orgasmic Experimentation- Jade says no to this part of the experiment, but we use the command and she is soon mindlessly masturbating while reciting a mantra until she orgasms. Then, we suggest that she agree to the experiment, but implant the inability to climax. Jade masturbates very hard and is extremely frustrated that she cannot orgasm. Then she is put under and programmed to cum uncontrollably when the researcher touches her. Her reactions are very powerful and she has absolutely no control. After a few times she is desperately trying to move away to avoid being touched again. ONE OF THE BEST INDUCED ORGASM SUBJECTS WE HAVE EVER HAD

PART 4 Mithcell takes advantage Part 1 – Mitchell is left a lone with Jade and takes advantage of her programmed state. He is not experienced with control but keeps her obedient long enough to get a bj while Jade is in trance and fill her mouth with cum. She begins slipping out of it as the cum drips down her lips. It was interesting to see what happens when the girl is commanded to do something they wouldn’t normally do without the reinforced programming we normally do through out the session (yes, if you wondered, we do a great deal of programming and reprogramming before and through out the session) Seeing a girl struggling to slip out of trance is something we haven’t done before.

PART 4 Mitchell takes advantage Part 2. Being a young man (and knowing Jade was programmed one last time for obedience) Mitchell takes advantage and uses the command words to strip, grope and even fuck young Jade, finally cumming on her and sending her off unaware

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