Punished for Perversion - Ludella Hahn

Sarah Michelle is not a very good housekeeper. She’s sloppy…and she looks at porn when she’s supposed to be working. Ludella Hahn is a very strict mistress who comes home early to find her housekeeper watching this porn, and is mortified. This kind of perversion must be PUNISHED! She will not tolerate such acts in her house and on her dime. She pulls Sarah over her knee to give her a good hard bare hand SPANKING over her jeans. “Owie! Owie! Please stop! I swear I won’t do it anymore!” Sarah cries. “If you want to keep your job, you’ll report back first thing, put on a proper uniform, and clean the house the way you’re supposed to, and without your week’s wages.” Sarah can’t believe it. No pay for the whole week? But after a few more hard whacks she’s starting to see Ludella’s argument. She’ll agree to anything to get her to stop. Ludella gives her 5 more HARD SPANKINGS even after she agrees and makes her count them down with her (to make sure the lesson really sinks in). When she’s done, Sarah runs out of the house rubbing her sore bottom. With her out of the picture, and after such a release like that, Ludella is finding herself quite hot and bothered. She unbuttons her blouse a little and fans herself. “Oh my…I’m feeling a little warm…and kinky. Hmm…well, I do have the house all to myself, and I should really try on that new maid’s uniform…you know…just to make sure it has the proper fit.” She undresses out of her blouse and pencil skirt and puts the maid outfit on over her lingerie and full fashioned stockings. Then she decides to have a little more fun, now that she’s feeling so kinky. She binds her ankles with rope, then puts a ballgag in her mouth before binding her wrists behind her back. She hobbles over to the mirror to take a look at herself all bound up like a pretty package in a maid’s uniform. She wiggles and models in front of the mirror to see her curvy body from different angles…when suddenly she’s no longer alone. The housekeeper forgot her phone! And walked in on her mistress’ secret kinky side…after she herself was just PUNISHED for being PERVERTED. Well, who is the perverted one now? She decides to take full advantage of the situation with her mistress now very helpless and in the perfect position for Sarah to exact her revenge. She pushes Ludella toward the couch and turns her around to take a good look at her body and BIG BUTT under the uniform, all the while lecturing her on how the table’s have turned. Finally she decides to give her the same punishment she received…she’ll SPANK THE PERVERT out of her! Over her knee Ludella goes and the hard bare hand spanking of Ludella’s big booty begins. Most of the spanking takes place from Sarah’s POV so you can picture yourself giving Ludella’s butt a nice spanking and really get it jiggling. Meanwhile, Ludella has been gagged this whole time and can’t say much about it. You can barely understand her gag talk, and she’s drooling all over the place between winces and moans. When Sarah decides that Ludella has learned her lesson, she does the same five hard spanking countdown. Then she ties Ludella’s wrists to her ankles, takes off her glasses, and leaves her to squirm around in that hogtie till she returns for her shift in the morning. That should really teach her! Ludella is stuck squirming, drooling, and struggling…with a VERY SORE BOTTOM.

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  • Anything starring Koa from GGH coming up?

    • Fetishman 4 years ago

      currently i can’t tell maybe we start a new part for requested videos in near future

      • Could you look at the video punished for perversion with ludella as it doesn’t show anything for me