In this clip, we start off with both Mya and Amber in a deep PROGRAM, limp and lifeless. I focus first on Amber’s limp body, on her face, open her eyes, and lift her hands, and check out her body.. then we move over to Mya and check out her face and body.. I then instruct both of them to sit up straight, and extend their arms outwards and repeat a mantra over and over. While this is happening, I go over to Mya individually and bring her out of the PROGRAM, while Amber is still in it repeating the mantra.

Mya looks at Amber in shock, and then I start to tell her that Amber in in a deep PROGRAM, and we can tell her to do anything. I extent the power over to Mya, and have her have her way with her. She makes Amber cover her eyes, lift her arms, and stand up, and twerk more. Then I instruct Amber to start flirting with Mya… as she starts doing so Mya covers her face in amazement!




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  • Could you upload the clip where mya is still under and amber has control? (Sorry no link)