Robo-Pimp - Christy Mack

We start off this clip with right as the other one ends, and we continue to use the j3di mind trick to make Christy Mack compliant. Little did we know, as we found out in the last clip, apparently she really wanted to bang Luke! Cause she did not object too hard, but we still enhanced the thought by using our powers of persuasion. Here, we start off again with Christy giving Luke a BJ, but freezing her in place, and Luke shoving his cock in and out of her mouth. Finally laying her down on the bed, and playing with her pretty pussy; all while she’s frozen… then unfreezing her, and giving her the RED command to force her to orgasm hard! Finally, we freeze her again while she’s being fucked by Luke, and as this clip closes she’s still frozen, and we pose her, positioning her arms upwards while she’s laying on her back, and making her fingers into a peace sign, and a birdie

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  • Rick karn 4 years ago

    Hey I have a few videos, would love to help with content if you’d like. If so email me 😀

  • I love it when she gets frozen blank when fucking,
    Please more HypnoPimp/Robo Pimp!