Welcome brand new model, Molly Jane. Molly has never been programmed before, and comes to me to attempt this. Enjoy watching this hot brunette go through my program, and see how well it works…

Sofa Stuck
We are convinced Molly Jane is fully programmed. She has no recollection of anything that has happened. We ask her questions, and she is clueless. So I walk over to her, and put her into a deep PROGRAM state easily, and while so; I PROGRAM her to become stuck to the sofa. Her ass will be crazy glued to that sofa, and she can’t get up – no matter how hard she tries.
So when I take her out of her PROGRAM I ask her to stand up, and she can’t! She tries, and tries.. and can’t get up! She starts to blame me on it, when I FREEZE her in place, and start to pose her, and remove her shirt – exposing her tight and skinny belly, and bra… much to her surprise.

Lost Number, Topless
In this clip, Molly Jane is PROGRAM to forget a number. She takes to this so well, that when I take her out of her PROGRAM she has no clue what has happened; and then when I ask her to start counting her fingers – she is shocked and amazed that she has more fingers than she initially thought! Before she can do much more, I FREEZE her in place, and start to remove her bra exposing her beautiful breasts.

Brain Cleaning
In this clip, we have convinced Molly Jane that something is wrong. First off, she is stuck to the sofa, and secondly she’s lost a number! Something is off here, and she doesn’t know what; until I tell her… that her mind is cluttered, and needs a good cleaning…
After explaining all the fine details about brain cleaning to her, she agree’s to let it be done on her. I reach up, and as I virtually remove her brain; her body goes limp and lifeless… as I pan my camera into close-ups of her limp body… finally returning her brain, as she comes back to life.. but backwards!
I put her brain back backwards, so she is reacting differently to everything right now… eventually she believes she has a penis, and has to look to find it.. but can’t!

Lost Control
We segue this clip by putting Molly back into a deep PROGRAM state, where I am able to control her completely. I give her another magic word, PLEASE – that puts her into a mindless state of being, where she is 100% compliant with anything I ask of her.
Then when she is in this state, I have her remove her jeans.. without realizing it! Also I FREEZE her, and do some close-ups of her frozen gaze, and body.

RED Control
In this clip, Molly Jane is PROGRAMED to respond to the magic word RED, which gives her an instant orgasm. The feeling starts at the base of her vagina, and spreads fast throughout her entire body!
Once I’ve taken her out of her PROGRAM I start a normal conversation… and using the PLEASE magic word to force her to remove her panties without her knowledge. Watch as she complies instantly, without any hesitation or resistance. But then once she’s removed them, and dumps them on the floor and she comes to her senses… her OCD kicks in, and she has to pick them up, fold them and place them neatly on the sofa. Interesting tidbid is that she didn’t care when I had her PROGRAM making her remove them!
I then try the RED magic word, and the first few times it didn’t stick.. but eventually it did, as I make her orgasm and cum over and over again… Making her FREEZE here and there, as I pan across her stuck body….

FreezeGasm (the act of becoming stuck or frozen in mid-orgasm, usually spurred on my an intense PROGRAM)…
Molly Jane is made to cum, over and over again.. but due to her PROGRAM that afflicts her with the FreezeGasm spell, she is FROZEN each time she peaks in her orgasm. And the un-used orgasmic energy starts to build up inside of her! She starts to show some sexual frustration, as it comes and goes throughout this clip! I also pan across her body while frozen, enjoying the view…

We start off with Molly Jane still not able to have an orgasm. And each time she attempts to, the moment before she cums she will FREEZE and not be able to climax, with that un-used sexual orgasm energy storing itself in her body. She starts to get super frustrated, sexually frustrated; and starts begging me to have an orgasm… wanting me to touch her, and play with her. I tease her more and more, by saying RED over and over again… and watching her try to masturbate to no avail… each time being frozen, and unable to move… as I pan across her body, in mid-O-face.. Finally, I PROGRAM her to release all her pent-up sexual frustrations when I touch her on her shoulder and say RED!!! Enjoy watching her explode in orgasmic pleasure!

Brain Suck Finale
In this final clip of Molly Jane, we start off with her in a deep PROGRAM state where I make her believe that my camera can suck peoples minds into the camera… so when I bring her out, and she stares into my camera lens – it starts to suck her mind out of her body and into the camera… leaving her body mindless, and ready for me to have my way with. You can see how the camera starts to do this by watching her eyes, and expression.. till its fully removed.
I also make her do a RED orgasm, and then finally bring her out, and do an instant reveal of all that happened in our shoot… finalizing with a post-interview.

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