Amber is placed in a deep PROGRAM, where I start injecting a subliminal thought inside her mind, one that will start repeating over and over and over again… the mantra “I am ***, I will obey”… and as a test, I have her start repeating that phrase verbally over and over again… once I’m sure she has it down, I stop her; all the while she’s in a PROGRAM. I then also enforce this by triggering her that when ever I touch her anywhere; this mantra will verbally come out of her mouth… making it more and more evident to her, without her really realizing it.

So when I bring her out of her PROGRAM, and we start to talk; I touch her shoulder.. and the mantra repeats itself… and when I stop touching her, she looks a bit confused but doesn’t know what just happened. I keep doing this, and as I do – we can see her slowly losing herself to this phrase… and eventually becoming completely compliant, and mindless.

I have her remove her sneakers, and her shorts. Then I have her stand up, and perform a sexy pose for my camera… twerk a bit.. all the while I FREEZE her randomly. Quite a powerful clip if you ask me, one that should be seen by all!

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