Robot and Limp Videos - Cory Chase - Dolled Step Mom

Robot and Limp Videos – Cory Chase – Dolled Step Mom

Scene One:
Son is working in his room on his new chemical spray that can put people in suspended animation. He looks at his spray bottle and comments that he finally finished it and now needs to test it.

In walks Mom. Hey did you take the trash out! You are working on another experiment again. (eye rolls) Son – Yes and I will finally make some money to get out of here. Well as long as you are here, Im in charge. Your father will be out of town for months so your experiments are over! Son Screw you Cory, you arent touching my inventions! You know what- Son pulls out the spray and sprays Cory in the face and chest.

Mom what are you doing you freak! cough cough. Mom backs away and slows downdownand freezes up with a shocked face. Son Mom?……..Mom you there? Son walks up to Cory frozen stiff and waves his hand in front of her face. No reaction. He pokes her cheek and leans in close to her face and still sees no response.

I cant believe it worked! Son looks over her frozen form then reaches over and grabs her tit to see if she reacts…….Nothing! Holy it really worked! Son grabs both tits and squeezes them. He then pushes her down by her head and forces Mom to give him a blowjob. He finishes in Mom’s mouth, cleans her up and drags her to the living room for more testing.

Scene Two: Well Oiled Machine

Mom is naked and posed standing up with her arms up and out like she’s on a cross. Son is apply the solution to make her transformation into a mannequin. He stands back and admires his work.
Son – “Wow! you turned out nicely Mom!”. As he looks on at his mannequinized mother. “hmmm let’s see if you can be used for other purposes.” Son reaches down and feels her pussy. He looks up to see a reaction but her stares ahead unaware of anything.

He poses her in different poses, he moves her arms, makes her smile or have an O face, he then poses her on all fours on the couch. He then slaps her ass and undresses himself. He get behind her and starts to fuck her. Mom is jerked forward and backwards with every trust but gives no reaction.

He poses her laying back on the couch with her legs spread eagle and her arms posed as holding her wide legs open. He leaves her face posed with a slight smile. He mounts her again and at moments leans in to taunt her predicament. How she can’t move or how she’s nothing but a sex doll now.

Mom – “You know all those times you make fun of me and boss me around, well I always thought about doing you, well now I get to you bitch!” He opens her mouth and grabs her head and pulls her forward and backwards on his junk. He finally blows his load and he closes her mouth and massages the cum down her throat.

Son calls up his business associate and says that he tested the chemical and it works! Son looks on at his mannequinized stepmom as he talks. Once he hangs up from his brief phone conversation, he cuddles up with his new sex doll to settle for an afternoon nap. He is posed like a sex doll staring at the ceiling while Son gets under her right arm and lays his head on his new favorite pillow, his mannequinized stepmom’s tit.

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