Robot and Limp Videos - Cristi Ann in Return of the Rockstar

Robot and Limp Videos – Cristi Ann in Return of the Rockstar

Scene One: Checking in on a fan

She’s reported on celebrities and rock stars but Cristi has only freaked out about one. The last time she interviewed him she from shock, and in her state he made her into a sex doll. It was one of the best nights of her life. As she explains to her friend what happened he walks in to her room. I just wanted to check on you He says and Cristi quickly drops the phone.

I can’t believe you came to visit me again! She screams. She starts breathing heaving and her eyes roll back in her head. She on the couch and the rock star does his thing. He pulls on her clothes, pulling up her shirt and touching her perfect breasts. Cristi wakes to find him sucking on her breasts only to pass out again.

Oh my god, he’s kissing me She wakes, swoons and falls again. He pulls off her clothes and licks her sweet pussy as she comes in and out. Taking her head he has her suck his cock her waking and passing out again and again while she sucks. I can’t believe this, I’m your biggest fan

Scene Two: I love when you pass out

Cristi wakes long enough to see him put his cock between her legs and thrust inside of her. She is living a fantasy that threatens to overwhelm her world. She struggles to stay awake and has to be slapped to keep awake. I’m sorry, I just, its too much She says.

I don’t know if I can help it! She screams and on top of him as he fucks her. He gropes her until she wakes up and keeps on fucking her. I can’t stand this she moans, orgasming and passing out. He fucks her until he cums on her pussy. The hot cum sends her into a state of shock and she for good. He leaves her a note under her phone and lets her wake on her own.

She’s so happy to have his cum all over her. Cristi looks at the note. In it, it says he wants to marry her, and there’s a ring attached to it. How can this be happening! I can’t believe it… She says passing out one last time.

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