Sexmex – The Boss Sexual Spell

This is the continuation of the Sex Mex stories involving a spell cast on women using a phone. This particular one involves Celezte again, this time in her home with her husband.

Our hero is brought to the home by her husband to do some plumbing. While the husband is out of the room, he wonders if the spell still works, and puts her into a trance. Once in a trance, he has her give him a blowjob. Then he has her bend over and spread her legs while he proceeds to fuck her from behind.

He then puts the husband in a trance and orders him to go to the bedroom, to fuck his wife. He has the wife walk to him, then suck him on the bed. While she is doing this, he continues to fuck her from behind. She then rides him cowgirl style, while she blows our hero. Some cowgirl fucking for our hero while the husband lies there beside them.

Switch to her fucking the husband reverse cowgirl anal, then our hero joins and fucks her pussy.

Finishes off with our hero leaving them to wake up and wonder what happened with Celezte wondering why her ass is sore.

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