Sinn Sage Chants and is Mind Controlled

Rockstar Sinn Sage is dancing on the ground on her knees air humping and flipping her hair the whole time chanting, “Bass, bass, feel the bass.” You can see her round booty bouncing. Flash to the next scene where she has infiltrated the “Base” and calls in to headquarters, but without any warning, she becomes mind controlled and proceeds to chant “I’m basically a decent and dodgy cock pig. I’m basically a basic fuck slut” Possessed by the mysterious force of the camera, she starts doggy-style reverse humping the wall and oinking in between chants. However, it doesn’t stop there! Crawling on the floor like a pig, she chants the same phrase and repeatedly snorts and oinks. This dirty, slutty girl gets even naughtier when caught up under the spell of the camera, she dribbles milk all over her naked body. Humiliating her naked body, she rubs the milk into her skin continuing to call herself a decent and dodgy cock pig as well as a basic fuck slut. Taking a pair of socks, she’ll stay on her knees moaning and oinking but also smelling the socks and chewing on them. Showing off her pretty little feet, Sinn rubs them into the milk and sniffs them, worships them. Compelled to continue the foot worship despite her continual chanting, she grabs one of the heels and starts rubbing herself with it, pleasuring herself. The camera controls her as she masturbates using the shoe and moans, oinks, and chants before passing out. Crazy!

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