Star Nine & Chrissy Marie – Catwoman vs. Dr. Fetish

While searching for the “fountain of youth”, Dr. Fetish (Chrissy Marie) has accidentally created a potent potion that causes deep fetishistic fixations. Catwoman has heard of her prized new potion and must make it her own. She breaks into the Doctor’s lair with whip in hand demanding the potion. The Doctor defensively sprays Catwoman in the face with her invention. Catwoman complains of the awful smell, but a second whiff sends her reeling to the floor, overpowered by the powerful stench. Catwoman does her best to resist as the Doctor smothers her with her bare feet, but finally she must breathe. The natural odor of the Doctor’s feet (which she used to develop the powerful potion) works it way into Catwoman’s brain turning her into a highly suggestible slave.

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  • Michael 6 months ago

    If you could please upload Star Nine mesmerizing massage with Serena Blair that would make my entire life please and thanks

  • bob newhart 6 months ago

    do you have part 1 Mesmerized Wife with Chrissy Marie & Star Nine