Stars Fetish Fantasies – Therapy Lezdom feat. Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Dixie Comet’s therapist has referred her to me (Star Nine) for help treating her sex addiction. Traditional treatments haven’t worked & I’m renowned for my successes treating difficult patients with clinical therapy.

I ask Dixie to explain her situation. She describes her overwhelming urge, no – need, to get fucked & have every cock she comes across in her mouth.

I induce her & amuse myself by having her service my foot like a cock. Impressed by her mouth I check her chart to make sure she’s clean before strapping on my cock. As I fuck her, I imprint her, transfer her desire from dirty fleshy cock to clean silicone. Now instead of avoiding male coworkers, she’ll only need to avoid walking past sex shops.

When I bring her fully out, she feels . . . satiated & wants to schedule another appointment

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