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Entrancement UK – Honour May 3 – Programmed for your Pleasure

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My third shoot with the stonkingly stunning Honour May! Honour’s received quite a lot of attention from people wanting to hypnotize and play with her through Skype webcam sessions and chats, so this...

Alexandra Snow & Ludella Hahn – Lusting for Ludella

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Ludella Hahn has been my friend and roommate for a while, but I was so disappointed to find out she was straight. When she finds out her boyfriend cheated on her, I take the opportunity to brew up a li...

Velvets Fantasies – Lingerie Slumber Party

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Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Keri Spectrum, Sumiko, Stephie, and introducing Hannah Perez! At this sexy lingerie party, the girls sit around giggling and are all enjoying the usual feminine conversation...

The Hypnodoc – Episode 7

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A girl goes to a hypnotist about her nightmares. He puts her under and helps her by 'filling all the holes that the nightmares hide in'. When she wakes up, obviously she must have taken off all her own...

Primals FANTASIES – Stepdaughter Reprogrammed – Tiffany Watson

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Tiffany is a spoiled bitch with no respect for her stepdad. She does what she wants, when she wants, looking how she wants, and all with his money. With mom out of town, Tiffany is even more rebelious,...

Entrancement UK – Cher (DC)

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Cher arrived with a cute scottish accent, a cracking body, a hunky male companion, and a head full of doubts as to whether hypnosis would actually have any effect on her. Over the course of the next...

[Clips4Sale] Ludella Hahn & Andrea Rosu – Velma Seduces Daphne into Lesbian Vampire Slave

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In the last episode, Velma's Vampire Transformation, Velma was seduced and controlled by a mysterious character she was investigating solo. He turned out to be a vampire and transformed Velma into his ...

Erotikcontax – HYPNO B & B – Jemma Valentine

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Steve is renting his luxurious flat in Budapest to a sexy Canadian tourist named Jemma.He pretends to leave, so that she can get some sleep, but he just can't resist a peek.Almost ready. Just have to b...

CC Productions – The Corruption of Batgirl – Christina carter

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Catwoman lures Batgirl to her lair and captivates her with magic smoke from a cigarette. Under Catwoman's smoky spell Batgirl is soon changed from super-heroine to super sexy villain Catgirl and now se...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Robot Movie

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Self-destruction initiated Casey a beautiful female android that is working for the robotics company that built her. Her job is to create a virus that will be used to infect androids built by her co...

Hypnovideo – Nikki

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Directly from vintage hypnovideo.com with Paul Knight Sexy girl stripped naked and played around,although there is no actual erotic hypnosis she is just too hot to be ignored

Caliloganland – Accidentally Hypnotized – Cali Logan, Jade Indica

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Cali is soooo excited for her first Erotic Mind Control show tonight. She has been studying for weeks, the only problem is that she hasn't actually practiced on anyone yet. Jade has reluctantly volu...

Entrancement UK – Samantha IV (Part2)

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In Part Two, the sexyness really takes off, with Sammie being tickled and then aroused by the laser pointer at Rich’s disposal. Later she becomes a door-to-door sex-doll saleswoman casually selling rob...

Hypnovideo – valerie

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Directly from vintage hypnovideo.com with Paul Knight The girl is stripped naked,posed, made feel several orgasms and much more

Entrancement UK – Samantha IV (Part1)

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This was our fourth time working with Samantha. We’d previously filmed a solo shoot with her a few years back, as well as a couple of shoots with her friend Jojo. This time round, she was looking more ...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Clip Nine

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Boss in foot slave training Casey, who believes to be my boss, has called me into her office to, you won't believes this, fire me over some sexual harassment allegations made by some female co-worke...

Entrancement uk – Ivy Summers

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Contents Introduction Mini-Induction Yes Master / No Master Hypnotic Amnesia Flashing on Command Compulsive Liar Flasher in Denial Macho Man’s Dating Disaster Vid Topless Macho Man Sho...

Hypnopimp – JC Simpson & Vanessa Vixen – Part 1

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Programming Welcome back both JC Simpson and Vanessa Vixen; as I do both of them at the same time. Enjoy watching me program them at the same time, as they both slip into a super training state of be...

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