Parasited – Hazel Moore, Jewelz Blu – Missing Welcome

Jewelz Blu and Hazel Moore are staying over at an Airbnb for a business trip that is definitely not what they were expecting for accommodation. Hazel is weirded out by it, and justifiably so. Moments after entering the bedroom to check out the place, they discover a slimy substance all over the sheets. They try to contact the owner but the ringing of her phone comes from the living room.

They rush in there together, only to find the phone but no trace of its owner. Hazel suggests that they should go, and Jewelz agrees, she just needs to wash the slime off her hands first. While cleaning herself in the kitchen, Jewelz discovers a worm inside the fridge. She screams at the sight of it squirming towards her, only for the alien parasite to lunge at Jewelz and go between her tits.

As she’s screaming even louder, the alien worm crawls inside her belly button and successfully begins its takeover of Jewelz’s body and mind. Still in control, Jewelz heads towards Hazel in the living room, where she ends up on the sofa. While Jewelz is squirming on the bed, Hazel is trembling and repeatedly asking Jewelz “What is going on?”.

Moments later, her eyes become pale, and Jewelz is no longer herself. She’s frenzied, looking for the next victim to spread the infection, and it’s right there. Hazel gets overpowered by Jewelz, who transfers the parasite over to her friend. Now with both girls lusting over each other, it’s time for them to feast on each other’s pussy and enjoy the night of insatiable lust with wild lesbian sex.

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