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Hypnolust – Natasha Nice (Clip II)

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Hypnolust - Natasha Nice (Clip II) Please let me surrender The first couple of segments are always very important and set the tone for the rest of the session. In order to plant the ever so important insta...

Robopimp – Cory and Wenona in Controlled (Full Clip)

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Robopimp - Cory and Wenona in Controlled (Full Clip) Wenona Pre-Programming To build our back-story for this Cory Chase and Wenona shoot, we have to include this footage shot previously in an undisclosed a...

Hypnolust – Heather Silk & Taylor (Clip IX)

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Hypnolust - Heather Silk & Taylor (Clip IX) The mirror transformation is completed. I split this long clip into three smaller segments to accommodate those of you with slower computers - This segment h...

PrimalFetish – Rocky Emerson – Rocky’s Full Session

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PrimalFetish - Rocky Emerson - Rocky's Full Session Rocky begins the session with a test of her susceptibility to suggestion. She is programmed with basic trigger words, altering her memory and mentally prepa...

Cali Logan, Sadie Holmes – Transforming the Justice League : Part 5 – Zatana’s Multiple Forced Os

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Cali Logan, Sadie Holmes - Transforming the Justice League : Part 5 - Zatana's Multiple Forced Os Zatana (Sadie Holmes) transports to her lair where she finds Cali Logan, formerly known as Wonder Cali, waiting ...

HypnoPimps – Taylia – Orgasm Pt 2

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HypnoPimps - Taylia - Orgasm Pt 2 In this clip, we see Taylia continuing to be and forced orgasms with a keyword. Here we see her for the first time removing her clothes, and getting naked; as well as a bonus...

Cali Logan – Hot for Teacher

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this clip is a short version. full video is 20 minutes. if you need full video just make a request here. you can get the video just with 1 $ or you can buy video with original price and support the studio here ...

Primals FANTASIES – Brittany Shae – The Guidance Counselor

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Brittany considers herself to be the perfect student and expects to go on to get a degree from a prestigious college. He counselor offers her some special guidance about the types of rolls that pretty young ...

Xplicitfilms – Defeated Heroines 1 Valor’s Escape

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Valerie Shields voluntarily underwent a procedure under the election of The Allegiance, a Government organization seeking to keep the balance of humanity in check at any cost. After hearing of The Alle...

RoboPimp – Red Orgasms – Jasmine Masturbation

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RoboPimp – Red Orgasms – Adrina

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RoboPimp – alexis – Red Orgasms

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RoboPimp – Chloe parker – Red Orgasms

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  only the "Red" trigger word for instant orgasms

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Shay Fox – Warrior Woman – Captured and Converted by Occulus

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The countries most patriotic superheroines have been disappearing and Warrior Woman has uncovered that the Intelligence Agency known as Occulus is responsible. No longer protected by the government now tha...

XXXtremecomiXXX – The Revenge of Gorilla Grodd

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Starring Roxy Rox, Rock and Alexander Directed by Alex Dorian Gorilla Grodd has struck, some vile and villainous plan to destroy the people of Metropolis, but Superman and Supergirl are ready. They break i...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Nikki Delano – Power Gurl – Weakened, Defeated, Mesmerized

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Part 1 - Power Gurl Catches a common thug trying to rob one of Lex Luthur's secret offices. She discovers it wasn't the evil billionaires gold or jewels the thief was after, but kryptonite, which the thief u...