Cali Logan, Sadie Holmes – Transforming the Justice League : Part 5 – Zatana’s Multiple Forced Os

Zatana (Sadie Holmes) transports to her lair where she finds Cali Logan, formerly known as Wonder Cali, waiting for her. The ex-superheroine has come to recruit Zatana as another member of the transformed crew where Wonder Jade, Super Niki and Wonder Hannah are all mindless sex zombies.
Confused, Zatana doesn’t even have time to react before Cali goes in for a mesmerizing kiss that weakens her. Cali playfully caresses her victim, landing more kisses that render Zatana more helpless until she falls to the floor in defeat.
When Zatana wakes up, she has been stripped nude and sees Cali sitting next to her. Cali explains that she will join the rest of the justice league girls as part of the Bad Man’s harem while gently lulling her into a state of submission.
Cali begins with soft, sweet words and cues to bring Zatana under, but she is strong and needs further coaxing. For this she uses a seductive massage. Though she begins to submit, the stubborn Zatana does not completely fall under so Cali goes even further, reaching for her pendulum.
After a grand struggle, Zatana is finally subdued and Cali tests her obedience with a forced orgasm. This deepens the hold of the mental fuck and Cali commands her to masturbate, finalizing the spell and making it permanent.

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