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Girls Gone Hypnotized – Hypno-Love 2

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Samantha is the popular girl at school who only dates jocks and looks down on the nerds. She is about to have a complete change of heart and mind now that the school's biggest nerd has developed a soft...

Entrancement UK – Samantha’s Session

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Samantha was a pretty analytical subject, she responded well to training, but it took some time to get her responding just how we wanted her to. As a result, her training induction will be made ava...

Entrancement UK – Sapphire & Samantha

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Samantha Alexandra & Sapphire Blue Bit of a tricky one, as it was a cold day, the heater had to go on and off a lot between recording sections, and the girls really like to chat and take bre...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Samantha Hypnotized

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Samantha and her boyfriend have just finished a show on TV about hypnosis. Jokingly, Samantha has her boyfriend try to hypnotize her with a crystal. She doesn't expect to go under, but that's exact...

Entrancement UK – Sapphire & Samantha

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My genuine mesmerism session with the lovely Samantha Alexandra and Sapphire. Category: MESMERIZE Related Categories: BLONDES, EROTIC MAGIC, FREEZE, FEMALE TRAINING, HUMOR