Entrancement UK – Samantha Entranced 8

Samantha returns for her eighth Entrancement session, drops deeply and finds herself embroiled in a number of entertainingly teasey scenarios.

Lots of embarrassed nude female action in this one for fans who enjoy seeing blonde girls going wide eyed and gaspy at the fact that whilst they thought they were wearing a nice dress, it turns out that they’ve stripped off, wiggled all their fun bits and have been spanking themselves for a while. Heh.

Also a good amount of bimbofication, brain shrinking, boob, lip and butt increasing.

Samantha ends up adorably dumb, speaking in a little squeaky voice and pretty sure that you spell her name (which she believes is “Table” with three T’s.)

Bless her

00:25 What I like about mind control…
01:25 What kind of viewer requests d’you get? / How long have we been doing this?
04:35 Time to relax…
10:50 Check
11:50 Sleepy Rigid Doll
15:40 Five Finger Sleepiness Countdown
19:30 Mental Off Switch
21:10 Pushing her own Switch
21:50 Posing Sleepy Samantha in Bondage Position
22:30 Bound & Tickled
24:00 Ticklishness switched off
25:30 Remote Tickling
26:15 Frozen Doll Play
28:10 That pendant’s stupid! *SNAP* That pendant’s so beautiful!
29:55 Pendant Mind Reduction
30:10 Name’s gone missing… I’m just a doll
30:25 Mindless Mantras
30:50 My Mind is Going
31:05 Brainless Bimbo Baring and stroking her breasts
32:50 Briefly Embarrassed to be topless… before she’s bimbotized again
33:30 Bimbo Sammie strips, wiggles and spanks herself
34:25 Comes to her senses
35:10 Shrinking Brain leaves her feeling more brainless
36:30 Mind Gone. Body Obeys.
37:05 Posing Frozen Samantha Doll
38:30 Fingersnap Pose Trigger
40:00 Embarrassed Girl / Happy Nudist Switching
43:15 Mindless Love Doll Pose
43:30 Frozen Flyaround
45:00 Senses return SNAP! Human Sexdoll
46:15 Ahegao / Derp Face
48:22 Legs spread without her awareness
50:10 Outfit Change: Swimsuit
52:10 Pet Play, Puppy Mannerisms & Teaching Tricks
57:45 Cursed Gloves
1:00:00 Knockout Gas Gloves!
1:02:00 Growing / Shrinking Bodyparts (Boobs, Butt, Lips, tongue, brain)
1:06:25 So dumb she thinks her name is “Table” :o/
1:08:00 Brainless Puppet Pulled around by her strings
1:09:00 Zombie Sleepwalk
1:10:00 Human Dictaphone: “I just want to be mindless”
1:12:00 Samantha Switched off

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