Entrancement UK – Francesca’s Slave Training

Introducing the beautiful and bubbly Francesca (Frankie) in her first ever video shoot!

I came across this steamy little minx on Tinder and almost immediately she was spilling the beans about her desire to be a mesmerised and mind controlled bimbo slave / pornstar. Woohoo!

Not one to step on anyone’s dreams I kindly offered my services and she swiftly found herself falling under my spell.

She was a little nervous at first, what with this being her first shoot, but any time there was confusion or nervousness I did my best to help her ride it out.

A teeny bit wobbly in terms of depth at times, but she’s so cute, bubbly, raunchy and eager, that I can’t help but give this session a Directors Choice rating.

Hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed filming it!

00:19 Introducing Francesca!
06:12 Induction
08:20 Mannequin / Ragdolling
12:45 “Lovely / Wow” (Wants to show and hide her butt and boobs)
16:55 Feeling like a Cat-Girl
19:30 Derp / Ahegao
21:40 Tongue Stuck Out
22:40 Automatically Posing whilst blank
23:00 Mind returns… but she can’t stop posing
23:20 Frozen Posing
28:15 Mindless Mantra
28:45 Dancing when music plays… then coming to her senses
30:35 Stripteasing when music plays…
34:10 Throws her clothes instead of wearing them
36:10 Five Finger Countdown
37:20 Overcome with slutty feelings
39:10 Blank at Attention
40:45 Pose Triggering
45:45 “Can I have a Masturbation Break?”
49:20 Teasing / Realisation Switching
50:20 Pendant Training
53:50 Sucks anything that goes near her mouth
55:00 Slut / Normal Switching
58:30 Fucktoy Flyaround
1:00:00 Outfit Change: BodyStocking
1:02:50 Brainwashed? Don’t be silly, I haven’t been brainwashed.
1:03:40 Believes a Bunny Girl Outfit is a perfectly normal way to be dressed
1:06:00 Bunny in the garden
1:09:10 Bunny exercises and Haigure
1:12:20 Captive Tickle Control
1:13:30 Tickling feels erotic
1:14:30 Mindless Mantra Repetition
1:15:25 Zombie Walker
1:18:00 Led by her Leash
1:21:30 Lovestruck Pendant / Ugly Pendant
1:23:55 Self Rest

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  • Peter 3 weeks ago

    Hey man, huge fan of your website and a long-time user here!
    I just wanted to say that the search mechanism is a bit inefficient imo. I mean, like there’s a lot of good content here just waiting to be found! There’s no sort option, no tag lists, or view count. Anyway, have a great time and thank you.

    • Fetishman 3 weeks ago

      Hey buddy, thanks a lot for being a long-time user and a fan of the website! We really appreciate your feedback, I hear you about the search function. You’re right, without sorting or filtering options, it can be tough to find specific content but please consider that we sorted each studio under a separate category and there are a lot of tags under each video.

  • what’s her full name?

  • Paul-o 2 weeks ago

    love this. Any chance of more Honour May soon?

  • Please more entrancement please

  • Please put up more entrancement videos. Especially ones with guy in girls body segments. Thank you.