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Primals Fantasies – Violet Starr – The Dollmaker

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Violet answers and ad to be "made into a doll." She shows up expecting to model for a doll maker. The man seems odd but harmless, and she sips a cup of tea he gives her. As the tea she just consumed start to g...

[Clips4Sale] Anastasia Pierce & Ludella Hahn – Spellbound Zatanna vs Mary Jane

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Zatanna has just arrived on her summer retreat and already she can sense that she was followed by someone. Mary Jane (Spider Man girlfriend) is the one after Zatanna this time. She is there to confront...

Primals FANTASIES – Casey Calvert – Behaviour Modification Chip

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Casey is a merciless bitch and when the researcher her company advanced money too is behind on his project she is going to take everything he has. The researcher begs her, explaining that his Behavio...