Primal’s Mental Domination – Liz Jordan – The New 19 Year Old Girl next Door

Liz was practicing her softball pitch against a net in her back yard but it accidently flew over the fence. She knocks on her neighbors door and asks she can get it. He seems very nice, and brings her to the back yard. He is sure the ball somehow sank to the bottom of the pool. Liz doesn’t see how that can happen but he has her “think about it” and everything he said makes sense. Even when he has her “think about it” being no big deal to take all her clothes off and go in looking for it.

The neighbor grabs her clothes for her so they don’t get wet and tells her to come inside. She “thinks about it” and it seems like a good idea. When he points out that she got his floor dirty and wet she says it was his idea but when she “thinks about it” she realizes it is her fault and accepts his offer to pay her to mop the floor.

For some reason Liz agrees to come back the next day for more work and wear something sexier. At first it seemed weird but when she “thinks about it” it’s totall fine

While cleaning up the pool deck and skimming the pool Liz’s new boss makes her realize that she did a poor job and there should be consequences

Liz does not even have to “think about it” any more, she just realizes it’s a good idea to do whatever her new boss likes her to do

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