TBFE Films – Blair Williams – Solaria Consumed Part 2

The jist of the story is that there is a green kryptonite goo that if you pour it on Supergirl / Solaria then she becomes a huge slut. Well this guy keeps a vial of that stuff handy!

The scene starts with some tit fondling and Solria rubs her twat a bit and the villian joins in rubbing her too. Then the villian decides to slap Solaria around a little bit, then pour a whole lotta goo on her, then strangle her for awhile. Then his friend from another dimesion shows up and fucks her missionary on a cot. They turn her around and fuck her doggystyle for awhile – and our hero decides to blow the other guy at the same time. Then the dummies kill her. I woulda kept her around with lots more goo handy! No cumshot.

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