TBFE Filmsn – Adriana Chechik – Resignation

Miss Wonder responds to an anonymous tip to find an innocent victim at gunpoint. She recognizes the brilliant doctor on the other end of the trigger. She locked him up years back for highly unethical experimentation on both himself and others. Once inside, he spent years developing a hatred towards Wonder, blaming her for his inability to create an antidote to a self-experiment which permanently and horrifically disfigured his face. Finally released, he devotes his life to seeking revenge on Wonder in the most humiliating and public way he can fathom. He develops a powerful serum which changes Wonder’s pain receptors into pleasure inducers. Every time she encounters physical pain, she’s aroused. What’s more, it continues to build until release is reached. Wonder isn’t hypnotized or out of her mind. In fact, she’s very much present for everything about to occur, making it even more demeaning. The fact the doctor chooses to stream the entire evening live is just a nail in the coffin. Watch as Wonder loses complete control in front of millions. Just how far will she go?

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