TBFE Slavery feat. Mia Malkova

Cries for help lure Lady Wonder to a warehouse space. Upon entering, she’s walks through gas which freezes her within a few seconds. The Slave Trader, Dr. Jeffries appears and after making sure she’s frozen, injects her with a serum. We find out it’s a “compliance serum” which forces our heroine to do whatever is requested. Dr. Jeffries, moves frozen Lady Wonder to a sound stage where cameras are setup. Every month, Dr. Jeffries auctions off the sexiest most powerful woman in the world to buyers willing to pay astronomical prices. Lady Wonder is the flavor of the month. Once cameras roll, Dr. Jeffries advertises his special “serum”, suggesting the buyers will need it to keep their slave in compliance. Requests begin arriving from around the world and Dr. Jeffries does his best to comply with them. Most potential customers want to know what Wonder will do and with the possibility of hundreds of thousands of dollars hanging in the balance, Jeffries demonstrates Wonder’s limits or lack there of with pleasure. Find out if Wonder survives the onslaught of sexual debauchery administered by the world.

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