Alyssa Reece is back at the Dungeon. Probably because I keep giving her post hypnotic suggestions to crave her hypnosis sessions here. She says her sessions have been spicing up her sex life and giving her great orgasms.

I’ve decided I need to spice things up also. In this session I begin a program of obedience training designed to make her love being under my control.

First, I hypnotize her to feel intense sexual arousal when she hears my little bell ring. I also secretly program her to fall back into trance as soon as that arousal makes her orgasm. Then I wake her up and give her the bell. This time I’m going to let her ring it her self.

She rings it and immediately starts to feel the effects. It doesn’t take her long to get carried away, ringing the bell furiously as she is overcome by the ecstasy it gives her, and the next thing she knows she’s coming intensely. Then she’s back in a deep trance. I install some obedience programming, erase her memory, then wake her up and have her do it all over again. The intense arousal and pleasure she feels from her orgasms help to break her mind’s resistance to my obedience commands.

After making her come with the bell a few times I change things a bit. Now that her mind has been made to enjoy obedience I reprogram her so that the bell makes her switch between being herself and being my mindless slave. Each time she goes back to being herself, she can’t remember what she did as my robot-like slave. Also each time she executes one of my commands she feels sexual arousal intensify.

I play a few tricks on her with this programming, then I have her strip nude and play even more fun sexy tricks on her. The whole time she is having flirty fun she is completely unaware that I am using pleasure to reprogram her mind.

Finally I have her give herself a deeply powerful, hypnotically intensified orgasm. When she does she falls again into trance and before I end the session I install some more obedience programming that will make her subconscious crave the robot-like obedient state I created in her.

Stay tuned to future sessions as this experiment continues.

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