The Velvet Dungeon – Cindi Loves Following Master’s Orders

Sensual Cindi is back again. She says she’s been craving a trance lately. She also says she’s been enjoying her sex life more since I’ve been mesmerizing her.

I give her the garter that activates her slave programming. As soon as she sees it she can’t help but to put it on. It has an immediate effect. Thanks to the pleasure programming I’ve been giving her she actually wants me to give her commands. I have her pour me a coffee. Then I have her do a little vacuuming.

After cleaning up she says she is feeling horny. Good thing I hid a dildo under the cushion. I instruct her to lick and suck it like she is giving a blow job. She does so eagerly and very sexily. I have her start stripping. She keeps getting hornier and hornier as I have her strip naked.

Then I command her to insert the dildo. She is overcome with pleasure as I order her to fuck herself. I have her pose in a variety of positions before I finally give her permission to come. She says she “Loves Following Master’s Order’s” as she has a powerful orgasm.

I tell her to get dressed. Then I put her in a trance and reinforce the effects of her mind control slave programming. I give her a suggestion to crave more sessions.

Then I wake her and take the garter back and once again she cannot remember anything that has happened.

This was an amazing, hot session with a gorgeous subject.

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